What You Should Look at Before Buying Dermestid Beetles

If you are new to this, you probably must be wondering what dermestid beetles are. Dermestid beetles, also known as skin beetles, are a family of Coleoptera. In other countries, the beetles are known as larder, leather, and carpet beetles. The beetles are famously known for their unique ability to chew up any material leaving bones only. They are used by taxidermy and natural museums to clean animal skeletons. This article is for you if you have been looking for dermestid beetles for sale. Here are a few things you should put into consideration first.


First things first. Before buying dermestid beetles, it is important that you have an environment that supports their life. It will make no sense to purchase beetles only for them to die within a short period because of the poor housing environment. For the beetles, an ideal environment has its temperatures between 24-27 degrees celsius and the humidity levels at 35-73 percent. Note certain factors will also affect the kind of housing your beetle needs. For example, if you plan on buying beetles with small skulls, then a 35-gallon glass will do. For giant skulled beetles, you may need bigger gallon glasses.

The Beetle Colony

It is totally fine if you still need to know what size dermestid colony you need. Here, it is wise to consult experts to ensure you make a sound decision. The kind of work you need your beetles to do is a primary factor in determining the size of the colony you will need. If your beetle is purposed to clean a small animal skull, then you should go for the colony with 300 beetles. In cases where you need to clean bigger or more than one animal skull, it is obvious that the 300+ colony is what you need to settle for.

Type of Dermestid Beetle

With proper care, your beetle will eat down the meat on the bones within no time. What you may not know is that there exist different types of dermestid beetle. The types include the attagenus, anthrenus, tragoderma and dermastetes. You must do thorough research on the different types, weigh down your options and settle for one that suits your preference

Your Business

Another thing you should put into consideration when buying dermestid beetles is your business. The size of your business will determine the type of colony you are going to get. Let’s say, you are running a small skeletonization service company; investing in a colony with at least 4800 beetles would be ideal. If your company is big enough, you will need a colony with more beetles. Here, it is important that you go out of your in analyzing the market and ensuring that you do not run out of stock.


Finding the right dermestid beetle for sale is not a walk in the park. There are various essential factors that you need to put into consideration. The above information will help you a big deal in your quest.