Top Largest Sporting Goods Companies in the World

Sporting goods companies function as the providers of footwear, sports clothing, sports equipment, and every other thing needed for an athlete to perform a sport smoothly.

It is not only core sports goods that some of these companies offer; some of them offer recreational goods such as materials that are needed for camping or climbing a rock. If you need customers’ reviews about such companies, Luminablog provides you with that. Here are some of the companies that have laid a world-class legacy in the sporting goods market:

1.  Adidas

With a revenue of $23.7 billion, Adidas is a sporting goods brand mainly known for its footwear line, but it also has other sporting goods, such as clothing and fitness equipment.

Aside from online stores, Adidas operates majorly using its physical stores, although the two are interlaced. It has its headquarters in Germany and has different store outlets worldwide, including sports stores in the USA, Europe, and other parts of Asia and Africa.

2.  Nike

With a revenue of $37.4 billion in 2020, Nike has many sports products, and aside from the footwear products it is known for, Nike offers recreational equipment for those that want to set up recreation facilities.

It also designs clothing for different teams and clubs. Some of the things that make Nike stand out are that they integrate emerging technologies into their products like some of their competitors and have endorsement deals with famous athletes around the world.

3.  Decathlon

Although this company is not very famous worldwide, its revenue of $13.79 billion in 2020 indicates it to be a great brand. Its popularity among customers is slowly rising.

Majoring in sporting equipment and apparel for many sports such as golf, badminton, archery, archery, and horse racing, this company is very much ready to take over the market as the biggest sports goods producer.

4.  Puma

Puma is a sports goods company that came due to issues between the founder of Adidas and Puma. This company has solidified its presence in the market and is currently the third-largest sports goods company by revenue. It majors in footwear and provides branded clothes for different athletes and teams. It also provides sports equipment and recreational items for camping and yoga.

5.  Under Armour

Under Armour is not as popular as Nike, Adidas, or Puma, but it is one of the biggest producers of sports products, with its main goods being footwear. It was founded in the mid-90s and has grown into a big sports company. Aside from providing footballs, apparel that athletes and sports teams use is also provided.

6.  New Balance

Although New Balance has been around, its presence has not been noticed in the market until the last decade when it broke through major barriers with sponsorship deals and endorsements. For those that love sporty clothes, this is one of the companies to go to as it’s also one of the major things it offers to athletes and teams.

There ishigh competition in the sports goods market, and it requires a lot of strategies to break through. Mentioned above are some of the notable names in the business.