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Brundage believed the foyer of company pursuits would unduly impact the IOC’s determination-making. Brundage’s resistance to this income stream meant the IOC left organising committees to negotiate their very own sponsorship contracts and use the Olympic symbols. When Brundage retired the IOC had US$2 million in assets; eight years later the IOC coffers had swelled to US$45 million. This was primarily as a result of a shift in ideology towards enlargement of the Games by way of corporate sponsorship and the sale of television rights. When Juan Antonio Samaranch was elected IOC president in 1980 his need was to make the IOC financially impartial. It was not until the retirement of IOC President Avery Brundage, in 1972, that the IOC began to discover the potential of the television medium and the lucrative promoting markets available to them. Under the management of Juan Antonio Samaranch the Games began to shift towards worldwide sponsors who sought to link their products to the Olympic model.

The Olympic Games reached the peak of their success within the sixth and 5th centuries BC, but then progressively declined in significance as the Romans gained power and influence in Greece. While there isn’t a scholarly consensus as to when the Games officially ended, the most generally held date is 393 AD, when the emperor Theodosius I decreed that each one pagan cults and practices be eliminated.

Other notable examples include Kenyan runner Bernard Lagat, who turned a United States citizen in May 2004. The Kenyan structure required that one surrender their Kenyan citizenship when they turned a citizen of one other nation. Lagat competed for Kenya within the 2004 Athens Olympics even though he had already become a United States citizen.


Although unfounded reports of potential terrorism drove crowds away from the preliminary competitions on the first weekend of the Olympics (14–15 August 2004), attendance picked up as the Games progressed. A third of the tickets didn’t sell, but ticket sales still topped figures from the Seoul and Barcelona Olympics . IOC President Jacques Rogge characterised Greece’s organisation as outstanding and its security precautions as flawless. All 202 NOCs participated at the Athens Games with over eleven,000 individuals. The 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia, generally known as the “Games of the New Millennium”. An the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics, the highlight was 200 meters runner Michael Johnson annihilating the world report in entrance of a house crowd.

According to Kenya, he was no longer a Kenyan citizen, jeopardising his silver medal. Lagat stated he started the citizenship course of in late 2003 and didn’t anticipate to turn into an American citizen until after the Athens games. One of the most well-known cases of adjusting nationality for the Olympics was Zola Budd, a South African runner who emigrated to the United Kingdom as a result of there was an apartheid-period ban on the Olympics in South Africa. Budd was eligible for British citizenship as a result of her grandfather was born in Britain, however British citizens accused the federal government of expediting the citizenship course of for her. Currently, the federal government of Iran has taken steps to avoid any competition between its athletes and those from Israel.

It was reported in 1999 that the Nagano Olympic bid committee had spent approximately $14 million on entertaining the 62 IOC members and lots of of their associates. The exact figures are unknown since Nagano destroyed the financial information after the IOC requested that the leisure expenditures shouldn’t be made public. Organising Committees for the Olympic Games are short-term committees answerable for the organisation of every Olympic Games.

An Iranian judoka, Arash Miresmaeili, didn’t compete in a match in opposition to an Israeli in the course of the 2004 Summer Olympics. Although he was formally disqualified for being overweight, Miresmaeli was awarded US$125,000 in prize cash by the Iranian authorities, an amount paid to all Iranian gold medal winners. He was formally cleared of intentionally avoiding the bout, however his receipt of the prize cash raised suspicion. There had been rising calls for boycotts of Chinese goods and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in protest of China’s human rights report, and in response to Tibetan disturbances.