Many small business owners Read This tips

Many small business owners are reluctant to delegate to employees because it’s hard to let go of your “baby,” and you may think no one can do the job as well as you. Of course, that didn’t make any sense. If you give the employee responsibility for developing their skills, you will both benefit.

If the thought of delegating still makes you nervous, start with low priority tasks.


Use technology tools to simplify and automate any work you can. Look for relevant applications and cloud-based solutions to automate repetitive tasks and activities.

Create templates for frequently asked questions so you can include them in a letter, memo, or email response.

If you work globally, use an auto-responding email to let people in different time zones know your time zone and an estimate of when you will reach out to them.

There is currently nothing that cannot be automated, including accounting, e-mail, project management, appointments, database management, payment processing and much more.