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Because of that huge over off Tom Curran, “they’re joyful to milk,” says Nasser Hussain. ofra Archer returns for his third over. But Archer ties Van der Dussen up with the final three balls at the cost of merely a single off the final ball. The commentary box consensus is that a hundred seventy five is an excellent score to defend underneath lights right here. Two singles and a two complete Rashid’s spell with figures of . ashid beats Van der Dussen with a leg-break the batsman tries to slog sweep but misses.

Bairstow climbs into the subsequent, his quick arms allowing him to step away and cream it over cover for four. He hammers the subsequent ball off his pads nevertheless it lands in need of deep midwicket regardless of cries of ‘catch it’. Curran smashes a full ball outside off over long on for six! It was slow and extensive and he flat batted it, dragging it into the legside. Nine off eight, make that seven off six as they finish the over with two singles. abada will take the penultimate over and Ngidi, who has two for 21 off three, the final.

Live Score

Enter Malan who can’t hit the following two off the sq., one off his pads behind square, the next to third man. outh Africa convene a gathering to resolve who will bowl next and it seems to be Rabada. Malan pulls away from the first ball very late, saying ‘woah, woah, woah’.

England in purple shirts and navy trousers, SA in gold tops and inexperienced strides. am Curran uses the seam to get the primary ball to straighten on Bavuma who, surprisingly is taking first hit. He defends it off his knee roll then flashes at a good length ball on off stump, inside edging it into the pitch. Curran attracts Bavuma forward and he nicks 4 to the proper of slip, simply falling short of the fielder and Stokes can’t minimize it off at extensive third man. Had that ball moved off the seam like the previous two it could have elicited a thinner edge and given slip a chance. rcher begins by getting one to climb on De Kock who plays it off his hip and through second slip at catchable peak for a single. Archer stares at the gap wistfully.

Half-century off 30 balls for Bairstow. Enter Morgan in his new function as finisher. He collars a leg-break for two into the onside but can’t score off the next two which grip and turn. Morgan clips a single to cover and Bairstow nabs the strike with a single off a pull. Big inswinger from Rabada, sliding down and they run a leg-bye while SA half-heartedly attraction. Morgan, on the cost, can’t attain one angled throughout him but he gleans a single with a short-arm pull off the following. Bairstow can’t lay a bat on the gradual ball bumper as he waits and waits and tries to uppercut.

Rabada slips one via Bairstow’s legs as he opened his stance, pondering a mow into the legside. Bairstow flays the subsequent ball off his pads for two after which cuffs the slow bouncer for one.

rilliant from De Kock, a gorgeously-timed pick up shot, as informal as you like, from center and off and off an excellent size, lifted over deep midwicket for six. A swatted pull earns him two more, they exchange singles and then murders one other boundary, smacking it off middle by way of midwicket for 4. t’s a sluggish pitch and anything slightly brief is ripe for punishment. Tom Curran goes for a slow, floaty cutter and Du Plessis reads it, waits for it and slams it over long on for six. The ball needs to be retrieved from the foundations of the brand new stand which is being built. The next ball is dinked over lengthy on for 4 extra, comparable shot but higher timed.

Bairstow milks a single then they turn a Stokes single through midwicket off a clip into two by haring via. He completely mowed that into the wind which carried it miles again.