How to stay healthy and sane while self isolating

As the epidemic of coronavirus virus is changing the lives of everyone around the world, it is important to stay focused and on the ground. The dangerous pandemic has created a destructive situation filled with uncertainty, unhappiness and stress.

Feeling uneasy about the idea of ​​self-quarantine? As COVID-19 turns more and more into our lives, it is not surprising that we collectively are feeling increasingly stressed and anxious. When anxiety is combined with a decrease in human interaction as self-isolation and working from home become ever more routine, those feelings can pose a danger of drowning us. We are doing all our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. And no, it does not feel like a prison sentence. Here are six ways you can manage anxiety, increase productivity, and connect with others during quarantine.

Explore Yoga Asana or Try Meditation

While we are on the subject of health, both yoga and meditation can help your mental state. Doing yoga daily does wonder with your health and flexibility. Even meditating ten or fifteen minutes a day will help you maintain your inner zen by keeping you calm and focused.

There are lots of yoga asanas on the internet, plus you can enjoy you can meditate at home with your headphones on!

Eat Healthy

One of the scarier statistics emerging about the impact of social disturbances on our health is the rise and rise of food home delivery services. Eating a balanced diet is very important to stay healthy and active. You’ll be working from home, but that doesn’t mean you will gain extra pounds while self-isolating yourself. Cook healthy meals at home, drink a lot of water and exercise at the same time.

Be Active

If you allow your physical health to subside a bit, don’t be too hard on yourself. It can be difficult to work even when there is a global epidemic. You do not need to work as hard as you would normally do in the gym but make sure that you are staying active, even if it is for a daily walk. Exercise positively impacts mental health by improving self-esteem and cognitive function, reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood.

Limit the news

To view or read the news is the fastest way to stress about the COVID-19. However, hearing too much about the epidemic can increase unnecessary stress. While many experts are loosening their screen deadline recommendations during this time, you can use your TV and devices in other ways. Live stream exercise classes, play games, learn something new – and take a break from the continuous news loop.

Stay connected with loved ones

We often get busy with work and other daily responsibilities; we get away from many important things in life, such as friends and family. Even if you cannot physically see them under self-isolation, you can call or video chat with them. In fact, this global quarantine is surprisingly affecting, bringing loved ones together in a new way. Use this time to talk with people you haven’t had a meaningful conversation with recently. Celebrate occasions amid lockdown with your family and friends. Rakha Bandhan and Mothers day is approaching soon; shop online kids rakhi, designer rakhi, mothers day gifts to make this lockdown celebration extra special.

Binge your favorite shows and movies together

Another way to stay healthy and stress-free is to binge-watch your favorite show and movies with your family or play games. Even better, make some popcorn and some hot chocolate to make your movie night more interesting and fun.

If you’re working from home, work smarter

Working from home can seem like a dream come true; you can stay in tracksuits or pyjamas all day and work from bed or couch! But again, fun may soon wear thin with your productivity. Stay alert! Don’t be lazy and focus on your work.

As we navigate this new normal, changes in our routines are essential to our health and well-being; above all, practice patience. Understand that it is okay to feel confused, anxious and unsure of what has happened next. “You’re all not alone, and you’re doing a great job taking care of yourself during challenging times. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you make a plan for managing your anxiety and health. We are all in this together. Stay happy! Stay healthy! Click here to read more