Computer chair upholstery

In the use of furniture sooner or later becomes worthless. If your family budget does not allow replacement of old furniture, this can be solved by repairing it yourself. Imagine, for example, a computer chair. More precisely, the computer chair was pulled with their own hands.

The first and most crucial step is the selection of materials to narrow the computer chair. Today, the market offers a wide variety of different materials. Start with a plain padded fabric and finish with faux leather or genuine leather. It is important to choose materials that have the necessary technological properties (extensibility, strength, etc.). And also combined with the design of your room. Our selection is made on genuine leather.

Apart from padding, it is also necessary to pay attention to the condition of the filler. If it is pulled or starts to crumble, it needs to be replaced. As a filler, foam rubber or polyurethane foam can be used. Before starting the computer, chair pulling process, prepare the necessary tools: Phillips and conventional screwdrivers, pliers, construction stapler, staple wire, ruler, scissors, writing knife, wrench, and wrench (8-10).

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. First, open the back and remove the old pads.

Collection of chairs

To do this, you will need a stapler or simple screwdriver, as the material is attached using a staple gun. In accordance with the size of the old coating, we cut a new one and glue it to the building stapler.

We perform the same procedure with a computer chair stand. After the back and seat is tight, we fasten it to the seat frame.